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Tower crane wheels

Cranes of this group can serve a building from different angles withstanding various climatic and wind load. They can move on straight or curved ways. All of these peculiarities require high quality of running wheels and components. LLC “El-Kran” products are featured with improved performance and have all necessary quality certificates. Each wheel of a tower crane has a factory mark, according to GOST 28648-90 rules.

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One of the activity areas of our company is manufacturing of spare parts for undercarriage of Tower cranes of the 4th dimension group

We can supply following products in lots and in the shortest time:

  • Running wheels
  • Gear wheel, module 10, teeth number 53
  • Box (Bearing housing). Drawing No. Y2260.30.01.003
  • Splined countershaft
  • Gear m=10 z=21. Drawing No. Y2260.30.00.006
 photo 200
Tower crane running wheels К2R 500х90. Drawing No. Y2260.30.01.002
 photo 201
Gear wheel. Drawing No. Y2260.30.01.001

This product line is meant for tower cranes of the following model range:

  • tower crane КB-403
  • tower crane КB-405-1
  • tower crane КB-405-2
  • tower crane КB-473
  • tower crane КB-474
  • tower crane КBМ-401

According to the marking these cranes can be equipped whether with a rotating or a fixed tower.

Tower cranes are cranes on a rail track, with a varying-height tower and a jib meant for constructing buildings and structures up to 16 floors and ground mounted components up to 10 tons. Other major characteristics of a tower crane include:

Lifting capacity,
max/min, m*
Hook height
, max, m*
КB-403 8 35/5,6 54,7 Rotating tower
Base/ track, m-6/ 6
КB-405-1 9,10 30/13 62,5 Rotating tower
Base/ crane, m-6/ 6
КB-405-2 9 25/13 63,4 Rotating tower
Base/ crane, m-6/ 6
КB-473 8 50/3,2 162,4 Fixed tower
Base/ crane, m-6/ 6
КB-474 8 55/3,2 222,4 Fixed tower
Base/ crane, m-6/ 6
КBM-401 10 40 71,5 Module
Rotating tower

* Depends on the specific crane modification

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