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Crane wheel blanks

Crane wheel blanks are the starting material used to manufacture finished products. Nowadays, crane wheels which are obtained from steel not lower than 65G by stamping and forging are considered «high quality» according to GOST 14959, . Subsequent machining makes it possible to obtain crane wheels of any type and size in accordance with the customer's working designs.

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Most commonly, blanks made by stamping are usually called stampings, and forging - forgings.

Choosing a method for manufacturing a crane wheel is a responsible procedure in which the future configuration, dimensions, tolerances, machining allowances, manufacturing specifications are related to the economic feasibility of the process. As a result, only an experienced specialist is able to see the optimal balance of quality, price and manufacturing time of the crane wheel and can select the type of blank for the crane wheel.

Crane wheelblanks in stockand to order

The «El-Kran» company is constantly improving its approach to the manufacturing of crane wheels of a full range. Working on optimizing the source material for finished products is its most important component.

Today we purchase crane wheel blanks for standard sizes from OJSC «Uralskaya Kuznitsa». These stampings cover more than 90% of the size requirements for the most common and demanded wheels. Firstly, the minimum allowances for the processed surfaces allow to reduce waste (chips) - a more homogeneous metal structure lends itself better to mechanical processing. Secondly, the process of heat treatment (sorbitization) of the working surface of the wheel is much better - more presice tuning of the equipment of the thermal section and careful control at all its stages (hardening, cooling, tempering) makes it possible to obtain wheels with a smooth gradient of hardness from the surface to the depth. Thus, the finished product comes out of the stamped blank in the shortest possible time and with the best quality characteristics.

You can also buy blanks for crane wheels in our company - we are ready to supply almost all diameters of stamped blanks for crane wheels within 1 to 3 days. The products are certified and are constantly tested by our own crane wheel production. You can find out special prices for blanks for crane wheels from our managers. It is convenient to order a call or leave a message directly from the site. The sale is carried out both by availability - from stock, and by request.

Штампованная заготовка для кранового колеса
Drawing 5. Stamped blank for crane wheel

Table 5. Blanks for standard sizes of crane wheels

E0585 368 119 63 148 148 96
K0653 452 140 82 152 156 128
Ya0587 (for the KKS-10 crane) 550 300 228 155 210 233
К0965 552 175 108 152 152 183
T0432 552 175 108 162 162 195
Ya0062 653 230 130 210 160 361
K0781 772 220 125 158 158 422
Y1508 775 220 125 185 175 446

The stamped blanks listed in the table are the initial material for the manufacture of crane wheels of types K2R, K2R-SB, K1R and K1R-SB.

Blanks for crane wheelsof non-standard sizes

In about 10% of cases when we receive orders for crane wheels of the so-called "non-standard" types and sizes. Since the dimensions of the wheels are not strictly standardized, the designer has the right to set them by himself, if this does not contradict the relevant standards of GOST 28648-90. In such cases, we have to use all our experience and authority in the industry to justify the proposed manufacturing option. The decisive factor in the dialogue with the customer is our archive of ready-made working designs and our portfolio of similar successfully completed orders.

In a number of situations, it is impossible to avoid the use of forged blanks as a starting material. The dimensions of crane wheels, for which stampings are not made, include all crane wheels with a rolling surface diameter (D) up to 300 mm (260X70, 260X80, 200x60, 250x70).

Wheels which are made of a forged blank (forged or forged circle) has inferior characteristics to those of stamped wheels. Making wheels from forging is a more laborious and relatively expensive method. This is primarily due to a significant increase in the volume of machining. It can be justified in the case when the customer does not see an opportunity to put stamped wheels with similar standard sizes on his crane. A forged circle can be selected for the manufacture of crane wheels of any size.

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