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Crane wheels according to GOST 28648-90 – marking regulations

“El-Kran” wheel marking pattern
Pic. 1. “El-Kran” wheel marking pattern

All finished crane wheels manufactured at the production facilities of "El-Kran", have an obligatory factory impact markings.

In this case, we strictly follow the appropriate state regulations for producers, namely paragraph 2.7. GOST 28648-90:

“2.7. Each wheel, supplied as a spare part, must have an impact marking, dimensions D x B and QC department stamp, on the surface of the rim.

Wheels supplied as a part of a crane or trolley assembly must have only a QC department marking.”

Crane wheels supplied as spare parts without relevant markings can be considered as a low-grade product and their usage is prohibited to be installed on any operating equipment.

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